On the Bad Luck of Gingers

We were introduced to the deliciousness that is Fernet by our friend from the Inca Trail, Carina.  This bitter, herb-based alcohol, when mixed with coke, is simply delicious.  We will most definitely be bringing some back with us.

But more importantly, while the three of us were slurping down our Fernets, Carina watched a young ginger pass by (redheads are few and far between in Argentina), and then started telling us about how all gingers are bad luck. As the superstition goes, when a man is so unfortunate to see a ginger, he must immediately touch his left testicle to counter the curse.  Women must touch their left breast. We have decided that this tradition needs to be brought elsewhere around the world, to protect all of the innocents from those terrible, ill-lucked gingers.  So if you see a man like this, now you know how to protect yourself. You’re welcome.


5 thoughts on “On the Bad Luck of Gingers

    1. mowgli Post author

      After seeing your picture on your comment, I had to touch my left testiculo. You should really change that picture

  1. Cahill

    I love Carina. She’s just full of bawdy language and suggestions like this!

    Also, please see the Wikipedia entry for Fernet: The drink has been popular in the San Francisco Bay Area since before Prohibition;[1] and as of 2008, San Francisco accounted for 25% of US consumption.[4] San Francisco bars usually serve fernet as a shot followed by a ginger ale chaser.[1]


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