Holiday from your Holiday

The only thing that keeps people going when hiking through the desert is the futile hope of reaching a luscious, green Oasis.  In the desert of cheap backpacker hostels, where beds are often rude and lumpy, showers sometimes have hot water or water pressure, and all of your belongings have a tendency to walk happily into the bags of other travelers, the hope of an oasis dwindles into more of a fevered dream. Being the well prepared, experienced travelers that we are (link to amateur hour), we stumbled upon an oasis within our second week with our our newly made German friend, Jana.  It was called ‘El Galope.’

Miguel and Monica, two Uruguayan world travelers turned hostel owners, run this beautiful and quiet horse farm found amidst rolling green fields near the coast of Southern Uruguay.  Here we galloped horses (and nearly got tossed from the saddle), ate the freshest goat cheese, biked 30 miles to the beach and back, and drank beer at a bar with locals in the town of Nueva Helvicia.  The beds at the hostel could rival beds at fine hotels, the food (fish fillets and cheese fondue) was heavenly, and relaxing by the fireplace was just what the doctor ordered.  We even recovered Dan’s iPhone after the horse’s galloping threw it into the weeds.  If you visit Uruguay, you MUST go to El Galope.  As Miguel phrased it, El Galope is a perfect place to take a ‘Holiday from your Holiday.”

Holiday is over. Back to Holiday!” ~ Jonathan


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