Ode to Uruguay

‘Oh Uruguay, you are full of surprises… and disappointments.’  ~Dan

It really is true. Colonia de Sacremento, with its gorgeous sunsets, cobblestone streets, and quaint atmosphere, was perfect. Hostel El Galope, where we were jounced happily on horseback, ate fresh goat cheese and chilled out by the fireplace, somehow topped Colonia. I am confident that there will be no hostels that come remotely close to surpassing our experience there. Our time in Montevideo, the capitol city, rounded out the other side of the spectrum, with it’s trash filled streets, overly expensive and often crappy food, and graffiti covered everything – even historic monuments in central squares bore spray painted words and images. Not to mention the homeless people having sexy time in the street and the man defecating on the sidewalk, though both provided irreplaceable comic relief to the gray city. Our last destination was Cabo Polonio – a beautiful ocean cape, boasting the largest sea lion population of South America, enormous flowing sand dunes, and a sense of intimacy and privacy that only a lack of electricity and a plethora of barefoot hippies can provide. Sometimes, though, less isn’t more, as 7 consecutive meals of bread / cheese, and our unshowered, sand covered, and poorly rested selves could attest.

So, feeling confident that we have seen a well rounded picture of Uruguay, a country not often mentioned when discussing world travel, we are headed back to Buenos Aires before we trek north.


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