BaBitch the “Accommodating Canadian”

Amanda, also known as “BaBitch” or the “accommodating Canadian” hails from Canada and previously spent the past two years teaching English in Columbia, before taking a 3 month sabbatical to travel around South America. It was BaBitch who ruined all of our travel plans.

We encountered this crazy chica our first week in Buenos Aires around 9:00pm, reclining on a well used couch at Hostel Play in Palermo. After sharing several liters of beer (it’s comes in liters?! I’m getting one!) with her, she regaled us with stories from the north. Before meeting Amanda, our travel plans included only Argentina and Chile. (I mean seriously, isn’t Bolivia one of those countries you just “skip over”?) But, after hearing about incredible salt flats, a 6,000m peak, lake Titicaca, an underground coke den (gotcha), and an active mine where she and some friends lit off a stick of dynamite, how could we not be intrigued? Now, thanks to BaBitch, I’m writing this post in Bolivia (it’s been less than 24 hrs) and suffering through food poisoning.

But, to be fair, this trip has been totally AWESOME. Thanks to Amanda, we spent over a week in Uruguay, have met some amazing people, seen some amazing sites, and are looking forward to what will no doubt be an adventure in Bolivia. We’ve also learned the ancient Chinese/Canadian art of dousing your bread in wine (apparently it aids with digestion and also serves as a sign of respect to the waitress that you enjoyed the meal). Amanda, if you’re ever in the States, you know where to find us!


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