Oh yeah, I was there, it was super cool.  The people were super nice, and it was super fun!”

Super is pretty much the best word to describe our Spanish friend, Bagels. Even though she told people that her real name was Begonia, we made sure that everybody referred to her, affectionately, as Bagels.  We crossed paths in Colonia, Uruguay, had some excellent and not so excellent wine, and then met up again 4 days later in Montevideo. Do you know those people who wake up in the morning and have more energy than a 5-year-old on christmas morning? Yeah, they one day aspire to be Bagels.  Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious, as was her use of the word ‘super,’ and her making fun of Americans for overusing the word ‘awesome.’ Without her, we would have never made it up to Cabo Polonio, nor found out about the Tour de Pants. Her mission of seeing every country that began with a U is underway – though she may not make it to Uzbekistan.  As an employee of Proctor and Gamble in Madrid, she is able to take 10 months sabbatical to travel, with job security when she returns. We know jealousy doesn’t become us, but common, that’s pretty ‘awesome.’

Not only is she a fabulous traveling companion, she is the star of a spanish music video, which was filmed in her flat in Madrid.  So when she get’s famous, we are totally collecting royalties for this free marketing. Check it out below.

She is currently rocking around Southern Argentina, seeing the glaciers, the mountains, the penguins and the bagels, before she heads over to New Zealand. Hopefully our paths will cross again, be it in Spain, the US, or Uzbekistan.  Safe travels, Bagels!


3 thoughts on “Bagels!

  1. Jacob

    So the thing I took out of this post is that there exists the possibility that you could steal me a penguin (or several penguins, I would like a colony) from Southern Argentina. Dear Jon, please steal me penguins.



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