Bolivian Salt Flats – Day 2

IMG_8572If you ever have the chance to go to South America, you must, Must, MUST go to Bolivia and do this tour.  It really is a shame how our cameras cannot begin to show you the incredible majesty of this country.  I have never seen anything so beautiful, diverse, unpopulated, and colorful. From flamingos, to deserts, to boiling and bubbling geysers, red, blue, and green lakes, towering snowcapped peaks and endless leagues of sand spotted with llamas and mini dust tornados, the Southwest part of Bolivia is truly breathtaking.

Waking up on the second day, Team Mongrel felt quite relieved that we had survived the coldest part of our 4 day trip.  Being located in a desert, the temperature swings were incredible.  The days found us roasting like turkeys in an Alabama deep fryer, while the nights turned us into shivering furless penguins.  And everything was covered in dust – the cars, the back of our throats, the endless streams of llamas, even our conversations.  There was no escaping it.

Dinner, once again, had us amazed.  Our two cooks, Marta and Roxanna, somehow pulled meat, vegetables, pasta, wine, cocktails, desserts and all things that are good out of thin air and fed us like the kings we weren’t.  Full up on life and food, Dan and I taught Team Mongrel the college-esque card drinking game ‘On The Bus,’ and we proceeded to have a wild and rowdy night where we starting drinking at 8:30 and were all in bed asleep by 9:30.  We never realized how exhausting 10 hours in a land cruiser each day could be.

We made around 10 stops the second day, including the Laguna Colorado (the red lake), bathing in 35 Degree (95F) hot springs, geysers, the rocks of Dali, and volcanoes.  I could attempt to describe all of this in words, but I would undoubtedly fall short.  Pictures speak louder than words.


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