The Pampas (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)


3 thoughts on “The Pampas (Rurrenabaque, Bolivia)

  1. Mollie

    An excerpt from an essay by one of my students: “If you don’t know the world’s largest rodent who lives in many parts of South America, has many dangers, and reproduces, it’s the capybara. It is a very common and fantastic rodent with a varied diet. With a barrel-shaped body and an ability to swim, it is very well suited to the environment it lives on….For every capybara that is alive, the powerful senses it has are the keys to the chest of survival. These rodents are being hunted by humans, who kill them for several reasons. However, some areas where capybaras live are being protected, so the species doesn’t go extinct. And so, whenever you’re in Brazil, or Columbia, or somewhere like that in South America, be on the lookout for this amazing, common, absolutely fantastic rodent, THE CAPYBARA!”


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