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Crossing Cerro Lopez


The Death Road

DSCF8082Rocky, Narrow, Dirt Road + 600 meter cliffs (2000 ft!) + Mountain Bikes + Epic History of Deaths + Food Poisoning + Thanksgiving Day = BEST. DAY. EVER.

The day before Thanksgiving, we were stuck in La Paz all day for the Census Day. Dan decided to tempt fate – after all, fortune favors the bold – and eat lettuce with our lunch (with tons of surface area, lettuce was very likely to have nastiness on it from being washed in the unclean Bolivian water). I refrained, even though my colon was in desperate need of some ruffage.  We had decided that, since there we no other Americans around, Bolivia didn’t have Turkeys (and even if they did, it was probably smart to stay far away from such meats), and we only had one more day in La Paz, that the best way to celebrate Squanto’s kindness to the Pilgrims was to do the Death Road. Continue reading

Bus Narcolepsy – Final Installment

We are now down to the rat tail end of our trip. (Seriously, rat tails and mullets are in style down here. Has any woman ever thought that those two hair styles look good? Seriously, guys, you look grosser than I do with my nasty beard. Ok, I digress.) Chubs has joined, and we have 5 more days in the wonderful continent of South America. So, with only 2 flights left, all of our major bus travel is completed. Here are some stats for you and a delightful Bolivian bus story, which will undoubtedly make you run outside in the snow and kiss that POS car that you always complain about. You’re welcome. Continue reading