And So It… Continues!

IMG_2848Alright y’all. You thought you could get a free pass and not be plagued by the ridiculousness that has been our travel blog. NOPE! We are back, beardless once again, and poorer than ever. Let the second leg commence!

After 3 months in Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia, and a little over a month hiatus in the States, we are back in South America. It has been not even a week, and things are cruising. And by things, I mean us, and by cruising, I mean bombing around enormous sand dunes (read: legit mountains of sand) in dune buggies and falling on our faces while attempting to sandboard. Pictures and videos to follow, though some have already been added by Baloo.

With a little experience under our belts, and a little money remaining, we are embarking on our adventure north. We bought a one way ticket to Lima, and are backpacking our way up to the states. Just as before, follow us at your leisure, with the only mandatory requirement being making hilarious and inappropriate comments along the way. Hoooooray!


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