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Salkantay Crew

Group Pic - Blog Sometimes less is more. And sometimes less is just plain less. So when our tour agency tossed 9 of us together with an unknown tour operator and a less than accommodating guide, we realized that the low price we paid for a 5 day trek was probably going to be reflected in our experience. But we were only half right. True, we were barely fed, were given basically zero information, our guide was grumpy and unhelpful, and our equipment was not what was promised. But it’s the rough times, the unpleasant times, the ‘holy crap this really sucks’ times that bring people together. The 9 gringos in our group came together with vim and vigor, and people who were initially strangers became the battle hardened Salkantay Crew. Despite rough weather, landslides, mud upon mud upon mud, lung crushing altitude, and having just about everything go wrong for us, we had a blast. So without further ado, I present to you, the Salkantay Crew. Continue reading


Lake Titicaca

While the rest of Peru and Bolivia are in the middle of rainy season, Isla del Sol lives up to its name. It’s no wonder the Incas viewed this island as the birthplace of all humankind.