Classifications of Fun

Fun PictureIn our travels, we have developed (read: stolen and adapted) a rating system for classifying the different activities that we embark on. While some people refer to what Dan and I are doing as ‘vacation,’ ‘holiday,’ or ‘joy-riding,’ it really is not all that simple. Of course, we both have our own personal goals and intentions for this unique time in our lives, but even more simple than that, is that everything we do cannot be labeled under the uniform umbrella of ‘Fun.’ So, in order to make it simpler and more entertaining for ourselves, and for the people who embark on these activities with us, we have made a classification system.

Type 1 Fun Type 1 Fun

This is the lowest / easiest / simplest level of fun. In this type, you go into the experience thinking it is going to be fun. When you’re doing it, you think to yourself, ‘this is really fun!’ When you are done, you are glad you did it, because it was so much fun. Simple. Easy. Fun. Examples of this would be taking a surfing lesson, playing drinking games with friends, wine tours and tasting, going to a concert, etc etc. Or like this little Peruvian girl trying to look at photos on Dan’s Camera. Pure, amazing, fun. You get the picture.

Type 2 Fun

Type 2 Fun

Hiking through 6 inch mud in cold rain = Type 2

Here is where it gets a little more complicated. Type 2 fun is definitely still fun, but you wouldn’t necessarily say that you are constantly having fun when you’re in the thick of it. Usually, during type 2 fun, there are many moments where you are thinking, ‘This isn’t fun. This actually kind of sucks. I am not having fun.’ But the qualifier for Type 2 Fun is that, when it’s all over, you think, ‘I am so glad I did that. I gained a lot from that, and I wouldn’t take it back. That was fun (maybe if only in hindsight).’ Examples of Type 2 Fun would be climbing Huayna Potosi, the 6088 meter mountain – one of the hardest things I have ever done, I was wretchedly miserable for a good chunk of it, but was so incredibly glad I did it. Definitely type 2 Fun.

Type 3 Fun

Type 3 FunThis can only loosely be referred to as fun. When you’re in it, it really isn’t fun at all. And when it’s all said and done with, you wish you had not done it. Yes, I know, this isn’t really fun at all for anyone involved (except for people reading about our misery from the comfort of their couches, piled under warm blankets with a nice mug of hot coffee in front of the fire place). But we have to have something to round out the spectrum, and put everything in perspective. Getting Salmoenella, or Parasites (both of which I might have at the current moment – more updates on that later), would fall into Type 3 Fun. Or being the person on staff to clean the bathroom after these jabronies have been in it. That would also be Type 3.

So from here on out, when we refer to something as Type 1 or Type 2, or even Type 3, you know what we are talking about. And when you find yourself using these classifications in your everyday life, well, you’re welcome.


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