It’s good to be Irish

A few years ago, Dan found out that we do in fact have some Irish blood in us. Ever since, it’s been obligatory to celebrate St. Paddy’s like a true ginger, and celebrate even harder to make up for all the past St. Paddy’s days that we celebrated thinking we weren’t Irish! So, we are finally making up for lost time. No better way than to bartend at the Wild Rover, an Irish hostel, here in Cusco.

While taking spanish lessons during the day, and bartending at night, life is pretty excellent balance of work and play here in Cusco. With theme nights at the bar such as ‘UV paint night,’ ‘Rover’s got talent,’ ‘Trivia Night,’ ‘Crazy Hat Night,’ and ‘Drinking Games,’ let’s just say that life doesn’t suck. Our first night at the Rove, we repped the States and our liberal arts educations with a clean sweep of the beer pong tourney. We had some fun a few times with face paint, too. Tomorrow is St. Paddy’s day, and it’s gearing up to be an enormous, likely exhausting, all day fiesta. Irish pictures forthcoming. Sláinte!


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