Mancation Nation Begins!

DSCN0453Quick back story to our Galapagos Adventure: Up to this point, Dan and I have met SO many travelers who were unable to go to the Galápagos Islands because of budget difficulties. So when we hit the massive city of Quito, we were pretty much resigned that it was not going to happen. But we had to do our research – we had to know for certain that we couldn’t do it. And so it began. 

We spent 3 days hunting around between different agencies, where we learned more and more how spectacular these islands are, found cheaper and cheaper deals, and saw the faces of everyone – and I mean everyone – who came back from a trip to the Galápagos. The joy, the smiles, the unstoppable excited chatter all led us to believe that it was impossible to go to Galápagos and have a crappy time. That was it. We decided that we would add it to the budget – we had to make this happen.

We finally narrowed it down, opting for a boat trip rather than an island stay, and aiming to see Fernandina and Isabella Islands, where the most prolific marine life is to be found. Paulina, a true champion of helping poor travelers get great trips for cheap(er), got us a great last minute deal on a great boat. The deal was so good that we called back home and convinced (didn’t need a whole lot of convincing) our old brother and dad to come down and take the last two spots on the boat. Dan and I had 3 weeks to travel around the rest of Ecuador and see what there was to see, and then it was back to Quito for the 2nd ever Mancation. “Prepare yourself to Mancate!”

P. Seed (pops) and Old Chubs (Ben) landed and we had 1 full day to see what Quito had to offer, and then it was off to the Galapagos. Between taking the cable car up to the base of the Volcano, going to the equatorial line, seeing the enormous basilica and smashing a delicious feast, we were ready. And, because of the epicness of the 7 days that followed, I will not even attempt to begin to describe the Galápagos in this post. More to come shortly!


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