Street Art in Bogotá

IMG_4232Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is the country’s largest city with around 7.5 million inhabitants. Yeah, it’s stinkin’ huge. That being said, Dan and I thought that Bogotá would be just another monstrously sprawled city that we would see for a few days and then be excited to leave for small, more nature-filled places. However, we were pleasantly surprised by Bogotá. One of the coolest things we did here was a tour of some of Bogotá’s street art. The tour was called a graffiti tour, but was definitely more of a display of some masterful works of street art rather than just a tour of numerous spray-can tags.

The tour was run by Ben, a British guy who is partnered with the Australian street artist Crisp, and they take tourists on a walking tour to see some of the best pieces in the city. Bogotá is renowned around the world for it’s graffiti, and it attracts some of the biggest names in the business. We saw works by Stink Fish, Pez, Lik Me, DJ LU, The APC, and Toxicomano, just to name a few. While some were just vibrant and beautiful pieces of art, others had a morbid and political tone, painting different views of Colombia’s tumultuous political history.  Graffiti can often times destroy a neighborhood and take away from its aesthetic value. The street art in Bogotá did the exact opposite. 


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