Galápagos – Onboard the Pleasure

IMG_0394Chubs and P. Seed arrived. We had a jam packed day of cable cars, a basilica, marching around the old city and seeing 00.00.00 degrees latitude. Finally, we were ready. After quick flights and a bit of a hassle waiting for each other to get checked through at the Galápagos airport, we took a small boat ferry, followed by a bus ride and a nice quick dingy trip out to the Treasure of Galápagos, our home for the next 7 days.

The boat – a luxury class catamaran – was almost immediately renamed ‘The Pleasure of Galápagos,’ by the one and only Old Chubs. We had large cabins, sleeping two people at a time, with a private bathroom and balcony included. That’s right, a balcony for each room. Hooray! There was a large dining room where they fed us delightfully delicious buffets for every meal. One meal even included bacon wrapped steak. Tapey was thrilled.

There were a total of 16 passengers on the boat, and around 11 crew members. With two dingys (pronounced dinjy by our hilarious guide Franklin), we were shuttled back and forth from the boat to islands, to snorkeling, from lava fields and red sand beaches to hordes of colonies of sea lions and dive bombing blue-footed boobies. At night, we would have tasty beverages and smoked some fine (and some not so fine) cigars. One day, they even filled up the hot-tub on the roof. Especially after spending the past 9 months in hostels, this was heaven. Life really is difficult sometimes. ‘The Pleasure’ was aptly named.


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