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“We eat the Mountain, and the Mountain eats us.”

This is the motto the Bolivian miners hold in their hearts as they suit up each morning for another 10-16 hr day in the dangerous mines of Cerro Potosi. Continue reading


Argentina’s Bloody Past

To Americans, Argentina often brings to mind blue and white clad soccer players, big steaks, and fine Malbec wines from Mendoza.  We discovered during our time in Buenos Aires, that this ranging South American country has a very tumultous and bloody history, with much of it being scarily recent. Continue reading

Can I Rent a Room In Heaven, Please?

Buenos Aires looks and feels like a European City. Our favorite building, known as Palacio de Barola, stood right across the street from our favorite hostel. It is truly magnificent, as our picture can hardly do justice.

We learned that it was based off of Dante’s Divine Comedy (awesome), with each 3 segments of the building representing a layer. The bottom floor was hell, as noted by its rigid and square angles. The middle of the building begins to round out a bit, meant to symbolize purgatory. The top, heaven, was covered in round arches and circles, symbolizing the divine. The tip was a lighthouse, which was designed to speak to the twin building with lighthouse in Montevideo, also designed by Barola. On a clear day, you can maybe just barely, imagine that you can see the other light across the Rio Plata.  Barola, for the win.