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Galápagos – Best of Photos

Galápagos is one of the most magical places I have ever been – and I think that anyone can ever go to. It is literally, as Dan often says, a view of what the world might have looked like if evolution had gone differently. If you ever get a chance, please please please go see this amazing place. It is truly beyond words – which is why I will sum up our Galápagos experience with pictures. Enjoy.


Galapagos – Sashimi Tom

IMG_5858Dad, Pops, P. Seed, Tricky Tubby Tommy, Tommy Willabee Bear – he is a man of many names. However, the new (and possibly best) nickname thus far – Sashimi Tom – was earned onboard the Treasure of Galápagos, where the man and the myth gained legendary status.

When we hit the Island of Santa Cruz and saw the fisherman’s port, his cogs started turning. The fishermen were bringing up their catch, while pelicans and sea lions alike dove in amongst the fishermen’s legs to catch scraps. While most of us marveled at how close these wild animals were getting to the fisherman, P. Seed saw delicious Yellowfin Tuna and the possibility of fresh Galápagos Sashimi. He proceeded to buy a 10 lb tuna for $8 – first time anyone on our boat had ever thought to do something like this. He gave it to our boat chef and we enjoyed a delicious feast of Sashimi. Everyone on the boat was thrilled at this special treat. Dad was a champion. But the tale is not over. Continue reading

Top 9 Essentials for Travel in South America

IMG_3586When you carry all of your possessions in a small pack on your back, you need to pick those few possessions carefully. After a solid 12 months of traveling, we have narrowed down a list of our top 9 essentials – and these are items outside of your typical clothes, passport, socks, etc. Without the further unnecessary but fun blog-like blather that I’m so addicted to writing, here they are – listed in an unranked order of awesomeness. Continue reading

Street Art in Bogotá

IMG_4232Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, is the country’s largest city with around 7.5 million inhabitants. Yeah, it’s stinkin’ huge. That being said, Dan and I thought that Bogotá would be just another monstrously sprawled city that we would see for a few days and then be excited to leave for small, more nature-filled places. However, we were pleasantly surprised by Bogotá. One of the coolest things we did here was a tour of some of Bogotá’s street art. The tour was called a graffiti tour, but was definitely more of a display of some masterful works of street art rather than just a tour of numerous spray-can tags. Continue reading

The Chronic-WHAT-cles of Giardia

Giardia SomeEcard

“Dude, we have to go to la farmacia. Seriously, I don’t know what this is, but we HAVE to go.”

“Look at my stomach! It’s HUGE. I feel like someone is pumping air in there faster than I can rid of it.” (BBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLPPPT! Baloo rips a huge fart.)

[Baloo and Mowgli enter the pharmacy, and begin trying to explain in spanish just how uncomfortable sulfurous burps and endless diarhea can be. Illustrative and unintentionally offensive hand motions abound. They purchase something that may or may not help, and walk back onto the street.]

“Man, you really couldn’t wait to fart until after we got out of the pharmacy? That was gross! Those poor ladies. Come on man. Rude!”

“Um, dude… That was a burp.”